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Here you will find most of my pictures from Rome gathered in a photo gallery. You can browse through the entire gallery or choose one of the quick links below..

If you Want to know more, you should also look for attractions in Rome where many of the images are located. It describes the attractions and sights in more detail and you can also get tourist information, read about opening hours, get the story and history behind. You can and also learn where it is in Rome through the map or aerial photograph.

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Photographic equipment used for the pictures from Rome

Simplest possible .. The images are taken with a digital "pocket camera" Canon Ixus 750th. Unfortunately I had no tripod which makes many of the pictures taken indoor with poor light a little blurry.


Want to know more?

Do not forget to look in the section with attractions and sights where you can learn more about the different places in Rome.


Image Rights

The copyright belongs to the photographer (unless it is stated otherwise stated, it's me). It is okay to use my photos for non-commercial use if it appears that the image is taken from this website and that I am mentioned as photographer (Mats Rigglöv)

For other images contact the photographer / author.

If you wish to use images for commercial purposes please contact me. Most of the pictures in resolution 2592x 1944 pixels.

                                Rome the eternal city!