Rome - the eternal city

Rome was called "the eternal city" (Urbs aeterna) allready during the antiquity. If you take a look at Romean history, there is a justification for the expression.
Rome was for a long time the world's center of power when the Romean Empire was at its peak. (But in the Middle Ages the city also have been described as a den of robbers and diseases.)

The power struggle between the emperors and popes have gone back and forth and in the middle of the 1300s the city was ravaged by the Black Death. Both the Saracens and the Normands have devastated the city in different periods. In the 1800s Rome was occupied by Napoleon's forces.

Rome has been the center and symbol of the struggle for a united Italy and has been ruled by a fascist government. But it has also been the center of Italian cinema and italenska fashion has a strong position.

Rome, now the capital of Italy, have in other words, had its fair share of ups and downs, rise and fall, yet it has always maintained its attraction. And not just among Christian pilgrims.

All roads lead to Rome refers to the great network of roads that was a important reason to why the Romean Empire's mad such a bigg success.
Today it doesn't help the Romean soldiers to concuer the world. Today the roads let tourist to come visit the city (even though most of Romes visitors travel by air..).


Rome och Romeulus.

Rome, according to the legend, was named after Romulus who along with his brother drew the boundaries of the city.
Therefore, I thought it was appropriate to rename this site about Rome to Romeulus.

The site was named Romulus some times before it was renamed simply Rome so it would be easier for the visitors understand what the site was about.

According to legend, Romulus killed his brother Remus before he named the city Rome after himself.
When I serch for a name for the site it felt a little strange to name the site after someone who killed his brother. On the other side, he founded Rome, and after all it is only an old legend.

More about the legend can be found here on the right side of the page.



In my Romeguide you find various tips for those of you that is planning to visit RomeE. For example, there is a about the the airports in Rome and some of the airlines with with cheap flights to Rome.
You will also find important dates in the history of Rome, the weather in Rome and more.




Rom - Romulus och Remus diar varghonan

The legend of Romulus and Remus and how Rome was founded

The god Mars abandoned his newborn twin sons, Romulus and Remus.
They were saved fRome starving to death by a wolf who nursed them. (see picture above). A poor shepherd and his wife then found the children and took care of them.

When the brothers grew up, they used a sacred plow and plowed up the boundaries of the city. Unfortunately, they started arguing with eachother and it ended with Romulus killing Remus.

Romulus then named the city of Rome after himself.

According to legend, this would have been exactly 21 April 753 years before Christ. Some archeological excavations in Palatino actually points in that direction. Palatino (or Palatine Hill) is one of Rome's seven hills and on that hill Rome (Romea Quadrata) once where founded.

To help the population in Rome to grow Romulus, according to legend, invited a neighboring people, the Sabines, at a party. During the night he kidnapped the women away so the Romean men would have women to breed with.


                                Rome the eternal city!