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Flight to Rome

If you're traveling to Rome obviously by air is the best way unless you live in europe then also train or car is a good option.


There are three airports near the city of Rome.
Ciampino and Fiumicino are the two that you can get to, the third, Aeroporto Dell'Urbe, is namely a private airport and it is located 26 km outside Rome's city center.


Ciampino (or it's real name Aeroporto internazionale Giovan Battista Pastine) arelocated in the municipality Ciampino in Rome, 15 km from center of Rome.

The airport has four terminals and got all the facilites you need. If you are traveling alone and do not have a scheduled transfer, you can either take the bus to the metro station and continue to Rome from there. You can also take the bus to the local train station and then take the train to the Termini station in central Rome. Buses run approximately every half hour during the day. Terravision also has direct bus from the airport to Termini.


Fiumicino is the main airport and it's real namne is Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci, which is also the name of the municipality in which the airport is located. The airport is located 35 km west of Rome, and is Italy's largest airport with over 30 million passengers per year. It is Italy's second largest in terms of number of international travelers.

Trains to central Rome (called Leonardos Express) takes about 35 minutes and it goes about a half hour. That means that you do not have to worry about transportation. The tickets costs about 10-12 Euro.


Tickets, bus and train

Tickets can be purchased either in a booth or special ticket machines.

A train ticket costs 12 euros per person and trains run quite frequently. In high season it can be a bit crowded when all air travelers bring their luggage.

Should you stay near Termini station in Rome train is a good chocie. If you live farther away, expect another 5-10 euros for a taxi all the way to your hotel.



A taxi to Rome is a comfortable but expensive way to get to the central parts of the city of Rome.The municipality and taxi companies have signed an agreement which commits itself to adhere to fixed charges when it comes to travel from the airport into Rome (within the walls).

From Ciampino it costs 30 euros and 40 euros from Fiumcino. There may of course be a few euros extras because hotels are often located some distance into Rome.




which airlines should you choose when you fly to Rome?

Today there are a plenty of different travel sites where you can search flights and hotels. The differences are not that great between them in terms of prices of flights, however it can be nice to find a flight where you can avoid unnecessary stops on the way.
what airline you choose it's also a matter of taste, so I leave it for you!

When it comes to choose Hotels in Rome it can differ both in price and quality. The only way is to test a variety of travel services to seewho has the hotel that suits you.


Tips before you book hotels.

In Rome, as in most large cities, it is an advantage to stay centrally, then you can then reach many of the attractions and sights on foot.

About all the travewebsites out there..

Something I find odd is that many flights and travel sites still have poor usability.

As an example.
Suppose you want to travel to Rome. You select departure "New York" and destination "Rome", number of adults, date of entry, exit, etc. When

you are done, it strucks you that you wanted to search for BOTH flights and hotels, not just flights. When you try to change your criteria..

ThenS You suddenly loose all the other information you have selected and you have to start from the beginning. Incredibly annoying ...



                                Rome the eternal city!