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More sights and attractions


I have added a knew page where you can read about different sights and attractions such as; Bocca della Verita,
Tempio di Vesta, statue of Giordano Bruno, Augustus Mausoleum and much more!

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The Appian Way


(The Appian Way(Via Appia) is one of Rome's most famous ancient roads. It was built in 312 BC and have been a part of several historical avents in the roman history.
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Piazza Venezia


Piazza Navona is a big square in Rome that was used to be an racing arena. Today its used as a market place and you also find restaurants and some beautiful famous fontains.
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Piazza Venezia


Piazza Venezia with the monument of Victor Emanuell II is one of Romes biggest attractions.
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Piazza del Popolo


The church Santa Maria del Popolo and a big egyptian obelisk is two of the sights & attractions that you can find on the square Piazza del Popolo. In the 50s and 60s it was a popular place for stars and producers in the film industry.

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The Palatine Hill


Many of the emperors and the rich people in Rome lived on the Palatine Hill. If you into the history of Rome you should visit it!

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Forum Romanum


Forum Romanum (The Roman Forum) was the historical and religious center of Rome.

You can visit the area and look at the remains and ruins and try to visualize how it could have been in ancient Rome.

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Wall collapsed in Rome


Nine meters of the wall Pincio which is located at the Piazza de Popolo and was built in the early 1900s raged on Wednesday. Although there were a lot of tourists at the site, no one was injured. Gianni Alemanno, Rome's mayor has promised that the wall be repaired.



Evening tours of the Colosseum

In Rome, until 6 October, you can take part in "La Luna sul Colosseo" - Moon over Collosseum.

It is a guided evening tour where you get to experience the Colosseum in a different way. Special lighting create an evocative sense while the guide include talks about the amphitheater histora, technology and architecture.
The guided tour must be booked in advance and costs 20 Euro. The tours will start from 8:20 until 10:45 with about 10 minutes apart.

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Wind Jet suspends flights

Wind Jet is an Italian airline. They are investing heavily in low price flight but now they are on the road to bankruptcy. They have cancelled their flights which meant that many become stranded, including 200 Israelis that were traveling home from Rome.

Portal in Rome

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