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Forum Romanum - Rome

The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) was the ancient Rome's center of commerce, politics and religion. Here you shoped on the marketplace while the Senate made decision that affected the entire population in Rome.


The place is now full of ruins in more or less preserved condition. Although there are only small parts and occasional columns of most of the buildings you realize as a visitors how great it once was and how much it must have meant for the religion in rome.

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Forum Romanum - Rome 001

View from the top of the Palatine hill down over Forum Romeanum. In the background you find Colosseum and the remains of the Temple of Venus and Rome's.

Forum Romanum - Rome 002

The three arches is the remains of Maxentius' huge basilica.

Forum Romanum - Rome 003

From the left: Antoninus ch Faustina temple, Romulus temple (the round building) and behind it the Cosmas and Damianuschurch. In the foreground yous see the remains of the house of the Vestals where the maid's who guarded the sacred fire lived.

Forum Romanum - Rome 004

Another view of Antoninus and Faustinas temple on the far left and Mexentius'tempel at the right. If you visit Rome and have some historical interest and have some basic knowings before your travel it's an experience to wander around the ruins and imagine how the Romans lived.

Forum Romanum - Rome 005

The three columns are the remains of the temple of the Dioskurernas and behind it you get a glimpse of Septimius Severus' triumphal arch.

Forum Romanum - Rome 006

The remains of the reconstruction of the Temple of Vesta which was done on 200's and also in the 1930s

Forum Romanum - Rome 007

Here you can see the remnants of caesars temples and the Domitian statue.

Forum Romanum - Rome 001

On the way up to the Palatino hill from Forum Romeanum you pass this well which have benne formed bt many years of calcium deposits.

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Facts about Forum Romeanum:

The Roman forum (Forum Romanum in latin and Foro Romanum in italian) is located in the small valley formed between Palatino and Quirinale, two of Rome's seven hills. It instantly became the Ancient Romes political, religious and commersial center.
A meeting place and a marketplace.

Processions, triumphal, popular assemblies and elections took place in the Forum Romanum. Caesar, Augustus and Tiberius considered to have played a major role to its monumental design.

Several temples, basilicas, porticoes, columns and triumphal arches was build in this place. It was here that the rulers of Rome discussed, laid down guidelines and took the decisions that were crucial to Rome's future.

Trying to describe the area and all its ruins is impossible but I mention a few:

Curia, the Roman Senate seat was rebuldied ub 303rd AD of Diocletian.

Rostra was a podium from which political speeches were made.

Basilica Julia and Saturn temple pronaos in which the Roman people's treasury was located.

The Vesta temple which is believed to have been built by Rome's second king, Numa Pompilius, was also the founder of the cult of Vesta. Vesta was the goddess of fire, according to ancient Roman mythology. The temple housed the vestal maidens and the sacred fire that was never extinguished. It was a symbol of the city of Rome's lives.
The temple that can be seen today are the remains of a reorganization which was first made around the year 200 by Septimius Severus wife Julia Domna yet another reorganization that took place in the 1930s ..

The two triumphal arches erected in honor of Emperor Titus (80 AD) and Emperor Severus (203 AD).

Other attractions of the place is Venus and Rome's temple, Maxentius' huge basilica and Julius caesars temple.

For those who want a more detailed description of the area, I recommend the book "emperors of Rome" with pictures and maps which detail describing how Rome's heart once looked.



                                Rome the eternal city!