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Pantheon - Rome

Pantheon in Rome is both a beautiful architectural masterpiece and a building with a technically outstanding design. It's one of Romes most visited attraction.

The engineer Art that the Romans had for almost 2000 years ago is impressive. And although there have been some changes over the years, it is an experience to enter into the mighty temple.

Michelangelo i supposed to have said the following about the Pantheon: "Drawn by angels and not of men"

In front of the Pantheon lays the square Rotonda. There you find several restaurants where you can eat a good meal and watch the temple and the crowd.

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Pantheon - Rome 001

Unfortunately, it was hard to take good photos of the Pantheon. But hopefully you can gasp how great and powerful it is. Here is the entrance hall with its columns and of course plenty Rome tourists.

Pantheon - Rome 002

Here is a portion of the roof of the Pantheon's entrance.

Pantheon - Rome 003

Some of the 16 columns which you pass before entering. They are estimated to weigh approximately 60 tons each. Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture of the large portal in bronze. It will be next time I go to Rome.

Pantheon - Rome 004

Here is a portion of the nearly 9 meters large hole of light in the top of the dome. Besides the hole in the roof, there are no other windows or natural light. So it create a special atmosphere inside of Pantheon.

Pantheon - Rome 005

Some of the interior. Pantheon was originally a temple but has been converted into a church.

Pantheon - Rome 006

Today the detail in Pantheon is lit artificially. Light is arranged to create a nice atmosphere.

Pantheon - Rome 007

Here you can see that antheon actually is used as a church.

Pantheon - Rome 008

The light was fantastic in the big church that is well worth a visit when you visit Rome. The artificial window openings you see here in the picture is not original, but was added there in the 1700s.

Pantheon - Rome 009

One of the many statues in the Pantheon. Pantheon is a must to visit when you are in Rome.

Pantheon - Rome 010

The lighting was nicely arranged and some parts of the Pantheon almost looked to be luminous.

Pantheon - Rome 011

The dome and the amount of light but also a scaffold that unfortunately interfered with the experience. But htat is good, it shows that they take care of the old temple.

Pantheon - Rome 012

Part of the Pantheon's facade shows a slowly crumbling. Hopefully it will be preserved for future generations. The center of Rome is a "world heritage".

Pantheon - Rom 013

Pantheon is one of the major tourist destinations in Rome but since it is big it isn't too crowdy.

Pantheon - Rom 014

View of the the center of Rome from Castell Angelo. Pantheon is the vaulted ceiling that is visible just to the left of the image.

Map, Pantheon in Rome »

Facts and history of Pantheon:

The original Pantehon in Rome was built by Agrippa between 27-25 as a temple to all the gods. The temple was later completely rebuilt between 120-125 AD by Emperor Hadrian, and if there were any similarities with the original temple, no one knows the day but Hadrian saw that the following can be found on the portico:

(Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, Consul for the third time, built this).

He must have been quite impressed by Agrippas first version of the Pantheon since he rebuild it three times.


Pantheon consists of two parts, the first part we meet, a pronaos performed in Greek style, consisting of 16 columns, and an enormous circle called cella which is covered by a huge dome.

The 16 columns are 12.5 meters high and weighs approximately 60 tons each and are made of gray and pink granite.

Entry portal is still in use and is the largest and oldest of only three Roman portals that are preserved.

The height inside the Pantheon is 43.3 meters and the ceiling of the dome is built so that it starts a circle shape that can be inscribed in the room (or in other words, if you put in a huge ball that is as high as the Pantheon's interior would fit be exactly to the dome).

The hole in the roof (Oculus), which is the only light inlet has a diameter of 9 meters.

The dome is still the world's largest dome made of masonry, bigger than both St. Peter's Basilica, and St. Paul `s Cathedral in London.

The floor has been restored many times and they have preserved the original pattern. However, the artificial window openings was made in the 1700's but they have left a small portion of the original wall. nfortunately I have no picture of them.

On the 600's Pantheon was consecrated to maddonna St. Mary and the Martyrs. Since then, it is used as a church and many have over the years been buried there including painter Raphael and his fiancée Maria da Bibbiena.

Pantheon has inspired many artists and architects of all time and it will continue to be admired for years ahead.


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                                Rome the eternal city!