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Travel Guide - Restaurants in Rome

In the city of Rome, you should treat yourself and enjoy the variety of food and drink!

Good, quality food and drink is part of the experience when visiting Rome.You should also try the real italian espresso coffee.

Some of the pasta dishes I tried was much tastier here in Rome than at home. On the other hand, I also have expereinced tasteless pasta and tough meat so but that is rare.

Pastas and pizzas are a few dishes that you usually associate with Italy and Italian food so you should try the original.

The pizzas are fresh and of high quality. Pasta dishes and pizza is the best in Italian cuisine, perhaps because they are the dishes that made ??their way out into the world.

Secondi piatti can almost skip over (nothing unusual) if you have not already tried their way among all the pasta dishes and like to explore further in the ialienska kitchen.

Those who have been a little longer in Italy (and of course the Italians themselves) think it
Italian cuisine is much more than just pasta and pizza, and that it is rather secondi piatti is the meal highlight.

See more on the right of the various dishes in Italy.



Italian restaurants in Rome

Rome is full of restaurants where you can sit outside and eat well. Romearna themselves like to eat dinner out in the evening for both food and society's sake.

In Trastevere and around Piazza Navona and the Pantheon you will find many small and nice restaurants with outdoor seating.

Also in the area around the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain, there are many restaurants. Here there is also a lot of tourists.


A dinner for two with drinks end up on the 30-50 US dollar but could easily be much more on the more expensive places. If you avoid restaurants closest to the major tourist areas, it will be much cheaper with the sam e quality (and often with even higher quality if you ask Italians themselves).

It may even enough to choose a side street to get better prices.

Here are some tips on restaurants. I have not personally visited all of them. Do you have a restaurant you wont to recommend (or warn other aboyt) please send me an email!

Coppedè Cafè

In the neighborhood of Coppedè you find the lunch restaurant Coppedè Café that serves authentic Italian dishes. It is very popular among Italians. At lunchtime (12:00 to 15:00) the restaurant is crowded. If you want to make sure to get a seatit is best that you get there after 14:30. You always have at least 3-4 pasta dishes to choose from and there are both meat, fish and poultry to choose from.

The Italians themselves are discerning and the quality of the food is higher than on the usual tourist routes. In the afternoon, the restaurant operates more like a bar and cafe, but you can always get something good to eat.

In the neighborhood Coppedè you find a beautiful palace in the Art Nouveau style, both the restaurant and the area itself is worth a visit.

Price example: Pasta Plate (primi piatti) from 3 US Dollar. Meat with vegetables (secondi piatti) starts for around 5 US dollar.

The restaurant is located on Via Tagliamento 28, tel 06 / 8552387th


Le Mani in Pasta

On his blog Béatrice Karjalainen describes her visit to the restaurant like this:
"It was a long time since I ate something so good. I started with a bresaola (air-dried beef, mozzarella and slices of grapefruit and arugula) and then I ate a tenderloin cut (perfectly fried medium-raw) into bars with roasted red lettuce and broccoli. the food just melted in your mouth, heavenly good. "
Address: Via dei Genovesi, 37


Da Franco
A simple but cozy restaurant with fish on the menu.
Address: Via del Falisci 2 at San Lorenzo


Ministero della Pizza
Liten krog med goda pizzor men de har även pasta och kött på menyn.
Adress: Via dei Campani 65 vid San Lorenzo


A small trattoria where journalists and politicians
gathers. Specialitén is rabbit in white wine (coniglio al vino bianco)
Address: Vicolo Rossini 4, at the Spanish Steps in Rome.


Ivo a Trastevere
Pizzeria for football enthusiasts visiting Rome.
The walls are filled with photos of former players.
The service is not the best but it works.
Address: Via S Francesco a Ripa 157 at trastevere.


Betto e Mary
Bustling, loud and large portions.
Try their egg pasta, gramiccia or house
roulades of veal, prosciutto and sage
(saltimbocca alla Romeana,).
Address: Via dei Savorgnan 99th


La Carbonara
Tasty traditional dishes, and you should try their Spaghetti Carbonara.
Address: Campo de 'Fiori 23


One of many small taverns in the Trastevere quarter.
Outdoor seating with a great menu and well cooked pasta,
pizzas, meat and fish.
Address: Via Natale del Grande 10


Antico Arco
Another nice little dining restaurant with high quality, also located in Trastevere in Rome.
Creative menu with different dishes.
Address: Piazzale Aurelio 7th


La Fraschetta
A classic trattoria in the middle of Trastevere
with pizza and Roman specialties.
Address: San Francesco a Ripa134


An expensive restaurant but with high quality.
Their steaks are popular. Utanflr restaurant
hang the paparazzi because many kändisas eat here.
You should book a table.
Address: Piazza del Popolo


La Rosetta
This is said to be Romes best seafood restaurant.
Address: Via della Rosetta 8-9..

Eating in Rome

In Italy and especially in Rome, people eat quite late even on weekdays. From 18-19 in the evening. They often take the whole family with them to the restaurants. Young and old eat and socialize together.. Often it is also not finished until ten or eleven o'clock. They eat many dishes but let it takes its time.

A real Italian dinner consist of at least three different dishes.


The Italian cuisine::


- The starter is quite small and can consist of cheese, or prosciutto, salad, olives
etc.. If you are hungry is a Bruschetta preferable. It consists of bread with mozzarella, tomatoes and herbs (but also available in other variants).


Primi piatti

- The first main course. Often different types of pasta or risotto. It tex. as Pasta alla Carbonara, Ravioli, Tortellini mm. Often quite a lot of food if you take a full serving. Should you also eat other main course, you may want to settle for half portione.


Secondi piatto

- The real main course. The menu is divided among the two, secondi di pesce is seafood and Seconid di carne is beef dishes. Something to consider is to order supplies. If you order a grilled fillet of beef, it's exactly what you get and nothing else! You become entitled surprised when you get a plate with just a piece of meat (it was in any case I). The other main course, you should therefore take the opportunity to order from the menu that contorni accessories called. It could be potatoes, bread, vegetables etc..



- Dessert, if you can find room for it you can have for example tiramisu, ice cream, fruit or chocloate.

                                Rome the eternal city!